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Posted on: November 25, 2010 11:32 pm

Ice Chips- The Week Ahead 4 Game Skeds

Happy Thanksgiving to those American readers of this here fine blog....assuming I have more then myself reading this.
Last week saw 14 teams play 4 games, for those astute owners you added players like RJ Umberger, he of 5 points in the last week.  Others like Mattias Tedenby 4 pts, Derek Stepan 5 pts, Ryan Malone 4 pts, and Teddy Purcell 6 pts put of good production and likely sat on your waiver wire all week long, that being said, let's take a look at how many games the teams play, and which players you should add or keep an eye on.

Saturday 27th- Fri-3rd

Anaheim Ducks- 4
Atlanta Thrashers- 3
Boston Bruins- 3
Buffalo Sabres- 2
Calgary Flames- 4
Carolina Hurricanes- 2
Chicago Blackhawks- 3
Colorado Avalanche- 3
Columbus Blue Jackets- 3
Dallas Stars- 3
Detroit Red Wings- 3
Edmonton Oilers- 4
Florida Panthers- 3
Los Angelas Kings- 3
Minnesota Wild- 4
Montreal Canadeins- 3
Nashville Predators- 3
New Jersey Devils- 2
New York Islanders- 2
New York Rangers- 4
Ottawa Senators- 3
Philadelphia Flyers- 2
Phoenix Coyotes- 3
Pittsburgh Penguins- 3
San Jose Sharks- 3
St. Louis Blues- 2
Tampa Bay Lightning- 3
Toronto Maple Leafs- 3
Vancouver Canucks- 2
Washington Capitals- 3

Not too many teams seeing ice the majority of the week, so this weeks options are limited.
*Stats are as of Thursday night-excuding the Oilers/Avalanche game*
Again ownership is based on Yahoo! numbers....so some players may not be available in your league.


Martin Havlat- 41% Ownership- 3 pts, -1, 2 PIM, 9 SOG- He's still hot, his ownership hasn't gone up much since last being mentioned in last week's article, and he's got 4 games in the next week. Over the last two weeks, he's put up 8 pts, 2 of which have come on the PPP. If you're looking for PP production Havlat may not be the ideal option, but offensively he'll bring it and deliver.

Saku Koivu- 27% Ownership- 2 pts, -1, 1 PPP, 6 SOG- The old man is still producing, and with 4 games in the upcoming, and 8 total in he next two weeks, he should be able to pick up a few points over that stretch so those in daily leagues should consider adding him if they need the extra hand.

RJ Umberger- 20% Ownership- 5 pts, +2, 4 PIM, 10 SOG- As mentioned above, Umberger has been on fire over the past two weeks, with 7 pts. Yahoo managers must play all have all-star rosters to not capitalize on that kind of production. If he's still available in your league, snap him up. Don't expect a Pt/G pace, but ride the hot streak while it lasts.

James van Riemsdyk- 7% Ownership- 5 pts, +6, 9 SOG- van Riemsdyk, has been good, but this week's schedule, doesn't bode well for much fantasy production with just 2 games. Though inspite of that he does warrant a spot on your watchlist. Next week the Flyers play 4 games, if he produces a 3-4 pt week this week, then he's worth adding in medium to deep leagues.


Dan Girardi- 26% Ownership- 4 pts, -1, 2 PIM, 2 PPP, 6 SOG- Three straight weeks of 4 games is bound to help the production. Unfortunately that's not always the case, Giradi is only worth a mention on the strength of last week's strong performance. Don't expect much more then 2-3 pts with a handful of shots. Worth watching but not worth adding at this point.

Kevin Shattenkirk- 6% Ownership- 4 pts, +1, 3 PPP, 4 SOG- Off the watch list, make the pick up. I've convinced. The kid is good, and the production should continue at a similar pace thanks to the offensive juggarnauts that are the Colorado Avalanche. 6 games in the next two weeks will give him plenty of opportunity to continue producing. His ownership will only go up, be one of those that got in on the ground floor.

Alex Pietranglo- 14% Ownership- 4 pts, 3 PPP, 4 SOG- I said it last week, so I'll just quote myself, "PP time, SOG, low ownership, highly touted, highly skilled. Put him on the radar, add him if you have injuries on your blue line." I told ya....good thing he's still available, unfortunately the Blues only play 2 games this week, so he may not be worth the add immediately but those in deep leagues should pounce.


Ondrej Pavalec- 34% Ownership- 3 W, 0.66 GAA, .978 SV%, 1 SO- I told ya so.

Johan Hedberg- 8% Ownership- 2 W, 0.84 GAA, .968 SV%, 1 SO- We've seen The Moose carry a team before, what's to say he can't do so while Martin Brodeur is injured? Of course the concern is the lack of talent around him, primarily the D is missing from the Devils. If you're minders are injured or struggling, Hedberg may help eliviate some of that strain. But consider him nothing more then a number three, one you can cut at the first sign of concern.

Posted on: November 20, 2010 3:45 pm

Ice Chips- The Week Ahead...4 Game Skeds

Here we are folks for back toback weeks! This past week has been difficult for me as a Sens fan having watched my boys get pummeled, and my GAA with it. But I'll save the sob story about my fantasy teams, and turn my attention to helping you and yours.
So here we go...

Saturday 20th- Friday 26th

Anaheim Mighty Ducks- 2
Atlanta Thrashers- 3
Boston Bruins- 4
Buffalo Sabres- 3
Calgary Flames- 4
Carolina Hurricanes- 3
Chicago Blackhawks- 3
Colorado Avalanche- 3
Columbus Bluejackets- 4
Dallas Stars- 4

Detroit Red Wings- 3
Edmonton Oilers- 3
Florida Panthers- 4
Los Angelas Kings- 3
Minnesota Wild- 3
Montreal Canadiens- 4
Nashville Predators- 4
New Jersey Devils- 4
New York Islanders- 4
New York Rangers- 4
Ottawa Senators- 3
Philadelphia Flyers- 3
Phoenix Coyotes- 2
Pittsburgh Penguins- 3
San Jose Sharks- 3 
St.Louis Blues- 3
Tampa Bay Lightning- 4
Toronto Maple Leafs- 3
Vancouver Canucks- 4
Washington Capitals- 4

Again using Yahoo figures for ownership percentages-

The last week saw a handful of great performances from a couple of Phoenix Coyotes, and a handful of St.Louis Blues this week's highlight by-


Andy McDonald-37% Owned- 8 pts, +1, 3 PPP, 13 SOG- In the past McDonald has shown that he can contribute a high level, and 8 pts in 4 games is pretty good production. With TJ Oshie out, and David Backes struggling to find consistency McDonald is a guy grab if you're looking for a few cheaps points off the waiver wire.

Patrick Berglund- 5% Owned- 7 pts, +3, 2 PIM, 3 PPP, 8 SOG- You can add McDonald's running mate to that short list of players, any player that gets significant power play time is worth watching, one that's producing while the offense is rolling is one worth rostering. He's clicking nicely with McDonald and....

Brad Boyes- 18% Owned- 6 pts, 2 PPP, 17 SOG- Follow the shots and the goals will come, 4 goals in the last week will definately help with the confidence, the power play production bodes well for the future. A pre-season sleeper pick, after a rough season some experts expected a bounce back campaign, only to see Boyes struggle out of the gates and give up hope...I'd like I say I didn't, but I cut him after two weeks of nothing. Now that he's hot...HELLO BRAD! Welcome back!

Radim Vrbata- 15 % Owned- 7 pts , +2, 4 PPP, 18 SOG- I've always liked Vrbata, he's just so streaky, so I'm going to ride this hot streak, though this next week only sees him play two games, which could bring that steak to a halt, and take with it any value created in the last week.

Ray Whitney- 24% Owned- 8 pts, +3, 4 PPP, 10 SOG- Whitney is that guy that no one knows why anyone else rosters him, only to find out that hes put up 8 Pts that week, and helped win a weekly matchup. Finally after crunching the numbers you realize that over the past 5 seasons he's produced at a .896 Pt/G pace, then you feel stupid for doubting such a reliable option...and by that point in time you've watched someone else win the title....add him now!

Logan Couture- 23% Owned- 6 pts, +2, 6 PIM, 15 SOG- The pedigree is there as a first round pick, the line mates are there, as in Ryan Clowe, and the production has been there, but the lack of power play time is a slight concern....and then you realize that he plays for the Sharks and would be lucky to see any PP time. It'll come though, his production warrants a shot at the second unit. 3 games this week, look for similar production again, you may want to hop on this train before it becomes to crowded.

Martin Havlat- 37% Owned- 6 pts, + 4, 1 PPP, 8 SOG- I'm not going to lie to you, Marty is one of my favourite players ever. It's not that he's the most talented guy, or liked (ask Hal Gill) but I've been infatuated with him since his time in Ottawa, so it's a long term relationship. He's got the skills and the production (.888 Pt/G pace current. 874 Pt/G pace last 5 seasons) but keep in mind that he plays for a defense first team in Minnesota so temper expectations, though 7 games in the next two weeks sets him up nicely for 6 pts.


Jordan Leopold- 50% Owned- 4 pts, + 4, 1 PPP, 5 SOG- 5 games in the next two weeks. That's why half of the leagues still haven't claimed him right? It must be, but really since few managers look that far ahead I'll just chalk it up to there being more productive blueliners being owned....like Jay Bouwmeester or Michael Del Zotto, Zach Bogosian, Brian Campbell or wait a minute......

Brett Clark- 4% Owned- 4 pts, -1 3 PPP, 8 SOG- Any blue liner on the Lightning that gets power play time is worth monitoring, having the opportunity to feed the puck to Martin St.Louis, and Steve Stamkos is just an added bonus. I'll take that kind of production even with the risk of a minus. 4 games this week, makes him a pretty strong play.

Kevin Skattenkirk- 1% Owned- 2 pts, +1, 1 PPP, 6 SOG- This is speculation as the majority of rookie blueliners accomplish nothing for your fantasy team, that being said, two goals from the defense is nice. He plays 6 games in the next two weeks, so use this week to monitor for progression.

Alex Pietrangelo 12% Owned- 3 pts, -2, 2 PPP, 8 SOG- PP time, SOG, low ownership, highly touted, highly skilled. Put him on the radar, add him if you have injuries on your blue line.


Jonas Gustavsson-42% Owned- 1 W, 0.82 GAA, .972 SV%- Pressed into action courtesy of a Jean Sebastien Gigure groin injury, will greatly increase The Monster's fantasy value. Only if the Leafs play well. Other wise, you'll get solid ratios, but little to no wins. Gustavsson has the talent to be a number one start, not elite, but solid. 3 games next week, will help to establish his hold on the Leafs net.

Peter Budaj- 34% Owned- 2 W, 3.00 GAA, .908 SV%- The wins will be there for Budaj owners, but they'll be disappointed with the ratios. As an owner, I know I am. Thankfully he's the third goalie on my roster, and he should be yours too...until Craig Anderson is back between the pipes.

Ondrej Pavelec- 27% Owned- 1 W, 1.67 GAA, .943 SV%- He's back, he's healthy and he's productive! 3 games this week, there may not be many wins, but the ratios will be very strong. Add him as a third starter, and expect two games with a 2.10 GAA, and a .935 SV....I'll take those for free thank you very much.

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