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Posted on: April 17, 2009 6:06 pm
Edited on: April 17, 2009 6:33 pm

Bull Pen Briefs

Since the last Bull Pen Briefs a handful of unknown scrubs have through and picked up a few saves. The key closers are still doing thier job but they're still trailing a pitcher new to the craft of closing.

A new trend has emerged though. More teams are willing to go with the closer by committe route then to designate one pitcher as "the guy".

No more is that more apparent then in St.Louis with the Cardinals bullpen. Where preseason fantasy darling Jason Motte has been usurped by the veteran Ryan Franklin. Now this may not be a true committee, as Franklin figures to pick up the majority of the saves, but Tony LaRussa has shown that he's willing to give anyone a shot at closing. After all Dennys Reyes has a save this season.

Other news worthy happenings can be found high up in the mountains where the Colorado Rockies incumbent closer Huston Street is struggling this season. Another confusing situation can be found in the Seattle Mariners bull pen where uber pitcher Brandon Morrow has been used in moderation to conserve his arm, allowing David Aardsma to pick up two saves in the process.

For those that are looking for cheap saves you may want to pick up Manny Corpas and David Aardsma, they're easier to manage in daily leagues but are still solid in weekly leagues. Unfortunately there is no certainty that there will be save opportunities to convert. THen again, nothing is certain in a big league bull pen.


Top 10 Saves Leaders-

1- Heath Bell- 5sv, 0.00era, 5k, .64whip

2- Joakim Soria- 4sv, 2.25era, 7k, 1.00whip

3- Jonathan Broxton- 3 sv, 1.80era, 7k, .20whip

4- Bobby Jenks- 3sv, 4.50era, 3k, 1.50whip

5- Brad Lidge- 3sv, 5.40era, 7k, 1.00whip

6- Mariano Rivera- 3sv, 0.00era, 5k, .75whip

7- George Sherrill- 3sv, 6.23era, 5k, 2.08whip

8- David Aardsma- 2sv, 0.00era, 3k, .86whip

9- Matt Capps- 2sv, 0.00eram 2k, .75whip

10- Fransisco Cordero- 2sv, 0.00era, 4k, 1.00whip


Surprise Saves of the Week-

1-LaTroy Hawkins- 1sv, 4.50era, 2k, 1.75whip- Hawkins picked up the save thanks to the sore back that Jose Valverde is nursing. Should the pain persist Hawkins would be next in line for save opportunities.

2- Jason Grilli- 1sv, 1.93era, 4k, .86whip- Don't expect it to happen again. Manny Corpas had already pitched in the game before Huston Street gave up 2 hits, a walk and an earned run, while recording no outs.


Players to Watch-

1- Jason Frasor- 1sv, 0.00era, 3k, .69whip- He has a bit of closer experience picking up 14 saves in 2004, and could find himself in an even more prominent role thanks to the struggles that BJ Ryan is experiencing with his control and velocity. Frasor is a must own in AL only leagues.

2- Rafael Sorian- 1 sv, 0.00era, 5k, .60whip- Pitching behind Mike Gonzalez should give Soriano a few save opportunities as the Atlanta Braves don't want to risk injurying Gonzalez's arm again. Stash Soriano for a few cheap saves.

3- Jose Arredondo- 4.50era, 5k, 1.25whip- I'm still not 100% confident in Fuentes. Though Brain's two previous outtings were much better, he's still got the job with a long leash but if Jose starts pitching better the job could be his.

So there you have it, your quick Bull Pen Briefs. Remember saves can come from anywhere, remain deligent.




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