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Posted on: May 15, 2009 8:14 pm

Bullpen Briefs

Since last weeks entry not much has changed in the fantasy world, well actually there have been a few "minor" happenings.

Joakim Soria  of the Kansas City Royals has wound up on the DL thanks to recurring arm injuries that have bothered him for a couple of weeks now. That makes/made Juan Cruz the prospective saves guy in the interim. Cruz has good strike out numbers - 11 K's, 6.51 K/9- but has had control issues far this season surrendering 10 walks and an awful 5.92 BB/9 ratio. If you need the saves Cruz is a guy to pick up but one must also pay attention the indicators when selecting pitchers.

As mentioned last week the Seattle Mariners closer Brandon Morrow returned from the DL. By the looks of it he may have been better off remaining there. Posting a dreadful 0-2, 1 sv, 3 bb, 1 k 32.40era, 6.00 whip, one could draw the conclusion that he may not be fully healthy yet.

Frank Francisco of the Texas Rangers in the mean time hasn't pitched since May 6th due to shoulder pain. CJ Wilson appears to be the next best option in the Rangers bullpen, but with that comes ugly ratios. This is a situation best left alone.

Top Ten Saves Leader-

1- Fransisco Cordero- 10sv, 16k, 2.40era, 1.40whip
2- Fransisco Rodriguez- 10sv, 18k, 1.02era, 1.13whip
3- Frank Francisco- 9sv, 13k, 0.00era, 0.75whip
4- Ryan Franklin- 9sv, 13k, 0.00era, 0.64whip
5- Brian Fuentes- 9sv, 16k, 4.97era, 1.66whip
6- Jonathan Papelbon- 9sv, 19k, 1.13era, 1.44whip
7- Heath Bell- 8sv, 19k, 0.00era, 0.63whip
8- Jonathan Broxton- 8sv, 30k, 1.59era, 0.53whip
9- Trevor Hoffman- 8sv, 9k, 0.00era, 0.33whip
10- Bobby Jenks- 8sv, 12k, 1.15era, 1.00

Two others tied for 7th with eight saves a piece.

Surprise Saves of the Week-

1- Kip Wells- 0-0, 2sv, 9k, 9bb, 4.40era, 1.40whip- On the bright side he does have 2 saves in his last four games along with four strike outs. On the flip side he's allowed three runs in that span giving him a 6.42 era over the past week. The Washington Nationals bullpen is truly a mess, and it's difficult to pick the front runner as Wells, Joel Hanrahan, Logan Kensing, and Joe Beimel have all had save chances. I'm avoiding this mess.

Guys to Watch-

1- Jensen Lewis- 2-3, 1sv, 18k, 6bb, 4.26era, 1.32whip- He's only made two appereances in the last week but he's made an impression. Pitching 4.1 innings surrendering only one hit, walking none and racking up five strike outs. With a very solid 8.52 K/9 ratio and a good but not spectacular 2.84 BB/9 ratio, Lewis could be a cheap strike out option in AL Only leagues with the potential to pick up a few saves. Remember folks last year he did record 13 saves.

2- Mark DiFelice- 3-0, 17k, 3bb, 1.02era, 0.79whip- I'm not sure why I'm telling you about this guy. After all the numbers speak for themselves. Sure he hasn't recorded a save yet, and let's face it that's why we all want relievers. But he does have a stellar era and whip, as well as an impressive 8.89 K/9 ratio and a great 1.56 BB/9 ratio. He's also one of the main reasons I'm leading my 16 team league and currently sit with 10, 11, 11, 14, 14 in the pitching stats.

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