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Posted on: May 10, 2009 5:09 pm

NL Only Player Spot Light- Colby Rasmus

"KELLOGGS, the greatest name in cereal presents:
Faster than a speeding bullet!
More powerful than a locomotive!
Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!
LOOK! Up In The Sky!
It's a bird!  It's a plane!  It's SUPERMAN!
Yes, it's Superman, strange visitor from another planet who came to earth
with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men!
Superman! Who can change the course of might rivers,   bend steel in his bare hands;
And who, disguised as Colby Rasmus,

Those were the expectations surrounding  young outfielder Colby Rasmus when he broke camp this spring with the St. Louis Cardinals.
Unfortunately for many of his supporters, Rasmus has not received consistent playing time, and his numbers reflect that. But all that could change thanks to a new full time at the expense of injured Rick Ankiel.

There are many "experts" that are convinced Rasmus has all the tools to be a stud in this leagues, there are others, myself included, that think he will be merely a good player. Not a stud, but solid. Now is his chance to prove some of us right.

Though he's not off to a very good start.

Batting a very unheroic .247avg, .333obp, .333slg, he's going to have to pick up the pace.

Do I still believe he'll be good? Of course. He's still young, and his early minor league numbers leave plenty of hope but the next Grady Sizemore he won't be.

2006- 70r, 16hr, 81rbi, 27sb, 55bb, 85k, .282avg, .363obp, .463slg, .826ops. (Combined A & A+)
2007- 93r, 29hr, 72rbi, 18sb, 70bb, 108k, .275avg, .381obp, .551slg, .932ops
2008- 58r, 12hr, 38rbi, 15sb, 53bb, 77k, .269avg, .398obp, .465skg, .864ops (Combined R, A+, AAA)
2009- 16r, 1hr, 6rbi, 1sb, 9bb, 18k, .247avg, .333obp, .333slg, .667ops

It's evident by his low minor numbers that Rasmus definately has the talent but will that translate to major league success?

1- Lefties- So far this season Rasmus has hit an atrocious .105 against lefties.  Compared to a serviceable .290 mark against righties. Given that he's going to be seeing more playing time against lefties in the very near future Rasmus will either have to learn to adjust on the fly or he may fine himself in a platoon situation.

2- Home and Away Effect- It's still early in the season, and his career to make a firm statement but it appears as if Rasmus is more comfortable at home. Hitting .283/ .377/ .348 at home compared to .200/.275/.314

3-RISP- On the bright side it appears that he's not afraid to hit when Cardinals need it. .375/.385/.500 with RISP compared to .146/.271/.220 with the sacks empty.

Now I know that the numbers don't paint the complete picture when it comes to evaluating young talent, but they do go a long way in helping to understand a players struggles or successes for that matter.

Rasmus has a bright future, but I'm not ready to compare him to the Grady Sizemores of the world just yet wait until he surpasses Ryan Ludwick as the best OF on his own team. Then we'll talk.
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