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Posted on: March 12, 2009 1:41 am

FBTM Challenge League Draft


Since I don't get many readers and I'm essentially writting this for myself, I figured I'd keep it updated every 4-5 days, the best that I could. Perparing should I get readers. You know to keep it fresh. So this weeks entry is recapping my first real draft of the season.


It's a Yahoo! league, in which I'm taking part the Fantasy Baseball Trade Market's Challenge League. (Give their site a visit www.fantasybaseballtrademarket.com tell them Matt sent you.) Anyways, the site is a newer site like the one I contribute to, ( www.fantasysandlot.com) yes I know I'm the king of the shameless plug, Matthew Berry hasn't got sh*t on me.

Right so as for the draft. It was standard fair, 12 team, 5x5 roto, normal roster.

As I prepared for the draft, I wanted to come up with a strategy that would I could use through out the entire draft, one that I wouldn't have to alter. One that may at times require me to make a couple "reaches" (check out my site to see my thoughts on that), and one that I was sure would either win me a title or doom me to mediocrity.

So I set out during my preperation aka, pain staking research, and calculations until I came up with the ultimate game plan. I was going to draft the ultimate "Prime Tyme" players (patent pending). Specifically targetting players aged 25-27. Of course I knew that would require me to pass on some established veterans in favour of the younger more hyped players, but it's a risk I was willing to take.

The next problem came draft day, of all things, my first pick. Not a good sign. The whole week, I had been banking on getting the New York Mets, David Wright with my first pick, 5th over all. So I took a second, and collected my thoughts. That process went like this,

" WTF!!! You were supposed to take Jose B. Reyes! Not f*cking Wright! WTF! NOW what do I do?!?"

Well, it's a good thing that I had planned for that. I calmly selected the Cleveland Indians, Grady Sizemore with the 5th pick, and waited. People thought I was a little crazy to pass on Reyes, and his 70sb potential. But the thought of having a 40/40 guy to anchor my offense, far out classed the 15/70 guy. As I was more likely to get production across all categories with Sizemore as opposed to Reyes. No slight to Reyes of course.

With my next pick, I broke my draft strategy,and for good reason.

Carlos Beltran.

First things first. He's only 31, so he's not old. Secondly, the guy is a legit, 30hr, 20sb, 110r, 110 rbi, .280 hitter. See what I mean? How could I possibly pass up that kind of production? Exactly. Moving on.

Round three say me take another 20/20 guy in the Cincinnati Reds second baseman, Brandon Phillips. I know he ended the season on the DL, but that doesn't bother me. I only drafted him to hit 20hr, and steal 25 bases anyways. Some "experts" think that he's drafted to highly because of his poor batting average, and his decline after the Adam Dunn and Ken Griffey Jr. trades. But apparently I don't have the credentials to be an experts so I selected him in the third round, just like everyone else does.

In the fourth round, I stayed in the NL, only this time I went to an extreme pitchers park, and grabbed their best hitter. Guess who? The San Diego Padres, Adrian Gonzalez. The guy is a hitter. A good one at that. His numbers are stiffled by a poor home environment, but on the road he's damn near unstoppable (last two seasons, Road- .301, 42hr, 134rbi, 120r- Home- .257, 24hr, 85rbi, 84r). So apparently I'll only be playing him for 81 games....or the 160 or so he'll play, I haven't decided yet.

In the fifth round, I continued to work within my strategy and selected another outfielder. The Detroit Tigers, Curtis Granderson. The Tigers apparently want Grandy to run more. Ironically so do I. I'd also like him to maintain his 20hr/75rbi production along with that, from the lead off spot. But I'm not asking much.


The rest of the draft followed the 25-27 range almost to a "t", with the exception of Arizona Diamondbacks catcher, Chris Snyder.

Here's the entire roster.

C- Chris Snyder- Arizona Diamondbacks

C- Jesus Flores- Washington Nationals

1b- Adrian Gonzalez- San Diego Padres

2b- Brandon Phillips- Cincinnati Reds

3b- Ryan Zimmerman- Washington Nationals

SS- Stephen Drew- Arizona Diamondbacks

CI- Joey Votto- Cincinnati Reds

MI- Robinson Cano- New York Yankees

OF- Grady Sizemore- Cleveland Indians

OF- Carlos Beltran- New York Mets

OF- Curtis Granderson- Detroit Tigers

OF- Lastings Milledge- Washington Nationals

OF- Carlos Gomez- Minnesota Twins

Util- Alex Gordon- Kansas City Royals

Bn- David Murphy- Texas Rangers

Bn- Aaron Hill- Toronto Blue Jays


P- Felix Hernandez- Seattle Mariners

P- Matt Cain- San Fransico Giants

P- Justin Verlander- Detroit Tigers

P- Clayton Kershaw- Los Angeles Dodgers

P- Kevin Slowey- Minnesota Twins

P- Chris Perez- St. Louis Cardinals

P- Chris Ray- Baltimore Orioles

P- J.P. Howell- Tampa Bay Rays

Bn- Taylor Buccholz- Colorado Rockies- Since Dropped for Scot Shields- Los Angeles Angels

Bn- Hung-Chi Kuo- Los Angeles Dodgers


I know just as many of you readers, (thanks mom) that my pitching staff leaves a little ok, maybe alot to be desired, but it could well be the best if all of them live up to their potential. Since I'm a realist I know that I'm going to have to pay attention to guys that get off to hot starts pick them up, and ride them. Either that or I'm going to have to trade some of the offense for some pitching.

You're also probably thinking, so you're taking a 1 in saves eh? Well, I'm thinking, nice to see another Canadian in the croud, and no. I'm taking a 2, with the hopes that Chris Perez can hold of Jason Motte for the closer role, and the manager Tony LaRussa can put aside his anti-youth movement, and focus on winning with the best players, not just the veterans. I'm also hoping that the Orioles realize the Ray is their best option to close out games, and finally I'm banking on grabbing ALL of the ugly closers off the waiver wire, and finish with a solid, 2.5 or maybe even a 3 in the saves department.

So what do you think of this team? Or the strategy, would you have gone with a different strategy? Let me know what you think.



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