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Posted on: May 22, 2009 10:20 pm

Bullpen Briefs

If you've read any of these past entries you'll notice that the names among the league leaders are typically the same from week to week. This should come as no shock. Saves generally come in bunches, and the value of closers fluctuates greatly from week to week, and from owner to owner.

This article is going to have more of a fantasy spin, but still have the standard set up.

Let's say that you're in a strong position in saves like I am in my primary CBS league. I currently sit first in the saves category with 40 saves (.5pts / save) thanks to Heath Bell, Frank Francisco, Francisco Cordero, and Brian Wilson. Notice how not one of those guys is considered a stud or a top draft pick? So what would you do in my situation?

Trade, and trade big. Since this is an auction keeper league, these closers have a little extra value. Consider that Cordero is my most expensive option at $12! It's not likely that he'll be kept by me over the others who combined will cost me $32. A hit I'm more then willing to take, so he's the obvious choice. Since starting pitching is my weakness I'll be looking to acquire one in the deal.

For full disclosure I've offered up Cordero for Adam Wainwright. On the surface based on preceived value this is not a "fair deal". But "fair" is relative to one's player valuation or lack there of. In reality this trade does make sense as it helps out both owners, and no is getting "ripped off" persay.

All things being equal, if it's late in the season, and I have a huge lead in the pitching categories, but I need speed badly, I'm trading Tim Lincecum for Michael Bourn or Wily Tavares, and I'm not thinking twice about it.

Remember folks it's about the numbers, not the names.

Top Ten Saves Leaders-

1- Heath Bell- 11sv, 23k, 0.50era, 0.89whip
2- Jonathan Broxton- 11sv, 32k, 1.29era, 0.62whip
3- Ryan Franklin- 11sv, 15k, 1.53era, 0.79whip
4- Brian Fuentes- 11sv, 19k, 4.30era, 1.50whip
5- Trevor Hoffman- 11sv, 10k, 0.00era, 0.42whip
6- Jonathan Papelbon- 11sv, 21k, 0.95era, 1.32whip
7- Francisco J. Rodriguez- 11sv, 20k, 0.92era, 1.02whip
8- Francisco Cordero- 10 sv, 18k, 2.12era, 1.24whip
9- Chad Qualls- 10sv, 22k, 2.50era, 1.11whip
10- Frank Francisco- 9sv, 13k, 0.00era, 0.75whip

Three others tied for tenth.

Surprise Save of the Week-

1- Phil Coke- 1-2, 1sv, 12k, 4.58era, 1.19whip- Never fear Mariano Rivera owners, he is still healthy. Coke recorded the save on May 18th because Rivera had pitched the previous two nights. Owners should take note though, and remember that Coke remained in the game to record one out in the eight and stayed in to finish it out.  Coke may be a decent source for holds this season, but other wise doesn't bear mentioning.

Guys to Watch-

1- Andrew Bailey- 3-0, 1sv, 31k, 2.02era, 1.02whip- If you or your league mates don't already own the guy, then we have an issue.  With a great 10.64 K/9, and a solid 2.58 K/BB ratio you should be lining up to roster this strike out monster. He's only owned in 42% of leagues so he's likely available. Who else has better numbers and has a shot at being the closer? Not to many. So hop to it!

Posted on: May 9, 2009 10:31 pm

Bull Pen Briefs

It's only been four days since the last entry so not much has changed atop the leader boards,  but there have been a few notes of interest.

The Seattle Mariners have activated young closer Brandon Morrow from the DL. This is a situation to keep to an eye on. Morrow, definately has the stuff, and was a starter but his usage will be closely monitored do his bicep tendinitis. There were concerns about his health even during spring training. I'd recommend that those in deep leagues and AL only leagues continue to handcuff Morrow with David Aardsma.

The Washington Nationals bullpen recieved some "relief" when they activated Joe Beimel from the DL. He's likely to get a couple opportunities to close games, but money is still in the Joel Hanrahan hat.

Top Ten Saves Leaders-

1- Francisco Cordero- 9sv, 14k, 2.08era, 1.31whip
2- Frank Francisco- 9sv, 13k, 0.00era, 0.75whip
3- Ryan Franklin- 9sv, 11k, 0.00era, 0.45whip
4- Francisco Rodriguez- 9sv, 16k, 1.32era, 1.02whip
5- Heath Bell-  8sv, 14k, 0.00era, 0.60whip
6- Jonathan Broxton- 8sv, 25k , 0.64era, 0.43whip
7- Brian Fuentes- 8sv, 15k, 5.91era, 1.59whip
8- Jonathan Papelbon- 7sv, 15k, 1.38era ,1.38whip
9- Chad Qualls- 7sv, 15k, 2.45era, 1.18whip
10- Joakim Soria- 7sv, 10k, 2.08era, 1.38whip

Surprise Saves of the Week-

1- Aaron Laffey- 2-0, 1sv, 3.60era, 1.52whip / Jensen Lewis- 2-3, 2sv, 5.521era, 1.64whip
It seems odd that on May 4th and May 6th, the Cleveland Indians decided to give save opportunities to pitchers other then their biggest free agent acqusition Kerry Wood. Well Wood did pitch on the 6th, giving up two runs and blowing the save opportunity. There isn't much reason for concern, but as we all know Wood has an extensive injury history. Keep an eye on this situation. For my money, Lewis would be the front runner.

Guys to Watch-

1-Andrew Bailey- 3-0, 1sv, 24k, 1.27era, 0.61whip- Maybe this is the guy that should be closing out games for the Oakland Athletics he's got the "stuff" to be the guy. But for now he's stuck in the set up role. Though you can't argue with those strike out numbers in any role.

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