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Posted on: April 13, 2009 3:37 pm

Al Only Player Spot Light- Aaron Hill

 Last week I profiled the Oakland Athletics second basemen Mark Ellis, whom I like alot, unfortunately this week hasn't been that stud that I've made him out to be. I still like Mark Ellis, but there is another second baseman that I like even more, blame it on country homerism, or the fact that he's far exceeded his draft slot so far but the Toronto Blue Jays Aaron Hill is this week's subject.

After posting an impressive line in 2007, Hill was primed for a huge 2008, unfortunately he missed the majority of 2008 due to a concussion after a collision with former Jays short stop David Eckstein, Hill has returned to his 2007 form and continued to push himself toward the front of the second base rankings.

Check out his numbers-

2006- 70r, 6hr, 50rbi, .291ba, 5sb, 42bb, 66k, .349obp, .386slg .735ops

2007- 87r, 17hr, 78rbi, .291ba, 4sb, 41bb, 102k, .333obp .459slg,  792ops

2008- 19r, 2hr, 20rbi, .263ba, 4sb, 16bb, 31k, .324obp, .361slg, .685ops

2009- 5r, 2hr, 8rbi, .300ba, 1bb, 7k, .313obp, .600slg .913ops

What's amazing is that after only 30ab his 2009 ratios are better then his 2008 stats. But in reality it's not so amazing when you realize that he was struggling to produce even before his injury.

So why do I like Hill this season?

1- A BABIP rebound- After posting solid BABIPS in 2006-2007 of .323 and .327 his .302 in 2008 was partially to blame for his decline. Expect that to rebound. Right now he's sitting at  .318. That could still go up.

2- Batting Order- Hitting behind Marco Scutaro and ahead of Alex Rios and Vernon Wells is bound to give you a few rbi and plenty of run chances.

3- Increased Fly Ball Rate- 34.6%, 38.9%, 47.4% increase over the past three seasons. Can only lead to a few more home runs.


So if you're looking for a cheap option at second base, you may want to snap up Hill now.


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